Code for Asheville Sponsors Police Data Petition & Request to City Council

Events overtook the planned agenda for our March 8 Community Night and we turned our attention to the horrendous video that was leaked to the Citizen-Times showing the beating of a black resident by a white police officer following a stop allegedly for jaywalking and trespassing. The aftermath of the leak has consumed our community ever since.[…]

Learning About Ourselves by Working on the Website

If you are a Code for Asheville member, you probably don’t spend much time hanging out on our website. The site is primarily used by people who don’t know us, from the generally curious to potential members or partners. At our February 8th Community Night we spent some time exploring how well our current site[…]

Making Transportation Access Easier

I want to share the following report from Code for Asheville member Tracy Schmidt on the Transportation for Seniors Hackathon on January 13. Special thanks to the other Code for Asheville members who showed up so strong: Eric Jackson, Jesse Michel, Sabrah n’haRaven, JeriBeth Stevens, and new member, Alyx Perry! Great job! Thank you. -Jim[…]

Open NC Collaborative: Brigades Working Together

North Carolina is lucky not only to have more brigades per capita than any other state, but also to have a network of strong personal relationships that connect them. On top of that, the proximity of Triangle-area brigades to one another helped foster early inter-brigade collaboration, a tradition strengthened recently by Greensboro and Asheville in their[…]

Update on Asheville Traffic Stop Data

Earlier this year, Patrick Conant worked with Ian Mance, an attorney at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ), and Dee Williams, chair of the criminal justice committee of the Asheville chapter of the NAACP, to bring racial disparities in traffic stop data from to the attention of City leadership, as we reported in our May 2, 2017 newsletter. In[…]

StoryTell Asheville – Latest Update

We first outlined the idea behind our new stories collection platform in our September 26 newsletter. Since then Jesse Michel has built a minimal version of the project that we can try out for our first couple projects. The project, which we are tentatively calling StoryTell Asheville, is an experimental one, and we are still exploring how we[…]

Writing our principles and values, together…

Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director of Code for America, has asked Code for Asheville members for help. During the Brigade Conference, there was a discussion about Code for America’s principles and values (for details, see Jennifer Pahlka’s post). Following up, and giving all Code for America members the opportunity to express their opinions, she would[…]